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Face Soaps


These soaps are made especially for the face and other sensative skins. Choose the one that will work for your special skin needs today! 

1. Touch Me Orange - Cleans even the heaviest makeup from your face with little effort and leaves your skin so soft you'll say, " Touch me".

2. Zit Buster- Our best repeat seller ever. Clean your face twice a day, once upon waking and again before going to bed. You will see amazing results in as little as a week. Made with natural shortening, tea tree oil, & bergamot essential oil. 

3. Black African (Blackhead Buster ) Made of Shea Butter and Activated Coconut Carbon, this one is reported to draw toxins and impurities from your skin. I have seen it do an amazing job on blackheads. Use on oily skin. 

4. Frankincense and Myrrh- 100% pure Olive Oil soap that cleans great and is extra-gentle on your skin. It is scented lightly with pure frankincense and myrrh infused oils.

5. The Olive Rose (Rosemary)- Made of 100% pure Olive Oil for its EXTRA GENTLE cleaning power and scented with Rosemary Essential Oil and finely crushed Rosemary from Momma T's naturally maintained garden.

6. Spiced Rum Shave and Shower-  Same make up as shave and shower with a hint of spice and a boost of bay rum fragrance

7. NatLoofa  Wonders- A very gentle soap made with hempseed oil amongst othe  natural oils. The fragrance of "clean"---- Temp Out---- back in stock mid to late January 2017

8. Oats n Honey Gentle classic

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