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Floral Soaps


These floral soaps are just the right thing to bring a little nature to the shower. Each soap listed below has it's own unique properties.

1. Jasmine - BHA Free Shortening, Pallm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil,  and Jasmine Fragrance Oil. This soap also makes an excellant Shampoo bar!

2. Lilac- A true to scent soap with loads of creamy lather

3. Loofa Wonders- is Natural wonders doen to the nines with a natural locally grown Loofa Sponge imbedded into it. US grown Loofas are so soft compared to imported loofas that you will fall in love with American grown! THese Loofa are grown in Momma T's own garden where she never uses pesticides or artifical fertalizers. Momma grows her garden, naturally!

4. Lavender - this is a palm free soap made to spoil your skin!

5. Spicy Rose- A unique blend of rose geranium, orange, and spice. 

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