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Lotion Bars


These pretty lotion bars are made with Shea Butter, Bees' Wax, Coconut oil and Hempseed Oil. This trilogy of oils will soften your skin (which promotes natural healing) while the hemp-seed oil naturally eases aches and pains. Our different fragrances are derived from pure pharmaceutical grade essential oils which add aromatherapy benefits.

These are large 2 oz. lotion bars in a tin. They last and last!

Keep one in your purse and another in your crafting area; ready to go the next time you knit or sew.


1. Lemongrass and Sage- a crisp fresh scent

2. Lavender- Tried and true calming benefits in a scent beloved by millions forgenerations !

3. Medieval Knights - A grounding, earthy, naturally calming blend of two long time favorite; Amber and Patchouli.

4. Orange-Tea Tree- a natural anti-viral, fungal & bacterial lotion bar that moisturizes too!

5. Pirate Queen- Lavender and Patchouli

6. Secret Garden- a deep sensual blend of essential oils

7. Summer Garden made with fragrance oils- the scent of summer’s flower garden

8. Peppermint- cooling and refreshing

9. Unscented- for the scent sensitive

10. Sandalwood and Juniper- rich aroma

11. Natural Wonders- clean scent of jasmine, lavender and sage


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